About the Vancouver Evolution Festival

2009 was a special year.  It was not only the 150th anniversary of the publication of one of the most important books ever written, Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species, but also the 200th Anniversary of his birth.  The Vancouver Evolution Festival was a year-long celebration of these anniversaries.  Events throughout the year and throughout the city explored Darwin's many contributions to science, the latest findings in evolution & biodiversity, and, importantly, the profound implications of these discoveries for society today.

The VEF Organizing Committee was:

Rosie Redfield, Zoology, UBC (Chair) redfield (at) zoology.ubc.ca
John Beatty, Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies, UBC john.beatty (at) ubc.ca
Arne Mooers, Biological Sciences, SFU amooers (at) sfu.ca
Mark Collard, Archaeology, SFU mcollard (at) sfu.ca
Rowan Barrett, Zoology, UBC rbarrett (at) zoology.ubc.ca


Sponsorship for Daniel Dennett, "Darwin’s 'Strange Inversion of Reasoning" by:
The Canadian Institute for Advanced Research
Sponsorship for the Darwin and You Lecture Series provided by:
UBC Faculty of Science
SFU Faculty of Science
SFU Faculty of Arts
SFU Continuing Studies
Sponsorship for Outreach Contests provided by:
SFU Society for the Study of Evolution
SFU Darwin and You Fund
SFU Department of Biology
UBC Beaty Biodiversity Museum
UBC Departments of Zoology, Botany and Microbiology
Additional Sponsorship from:
SFU Centre for Wildlife Ecology SFU Dean of Science

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